Use the leverage of Referrals

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Incentive Bonus

All our clients have the opportunity to not only earn profit from their Portfolios but to also work directly with us. We have a very generous referral program that pay our clients 100% commission weekly of their referrals weekly earnings. The only criteria is to have an open account with us and have a minimum of 50$ capital in your Portfolio at all times. Once you do the math you can see just how powerful this compensation plan is and that it can easily earn you a lot more profit then just investing on your own.

We also provide support and tools for new members that want to earn even more income to help you grow your Hurriya business.

Spamming, unsolicited emails

We do not endorse or permit our affiliates to send out unsolicited emails to promote Hurriya Trading . If we find out that any affiliate is doing this, we immediately close this account. Any unpaid earnings generated by that affiliate are forfeited.